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Self Care, Education, Independence & Upliftment

UR-Eekah is a safe platform for pre-teens to find out more about mental and emotional health issues. By carefully selecting content, topics and activities, each division of UR-Eekah aims to instil core principles that will assist children from all walks of life – throughout their lives and empower them to be the best versions of themselves.

Our Story

Created for the Future

UR-Eekah, derived from Eureka – a cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something, aims to assist pre-teens in reaching their Eureka moments on a personal and educational level.

We believe that UR-Eekah will encourage and equip children to be self-reliant in all aspects of life. We aim to provide them with vital tools in order to make the world a better place.

By adhering to these principles, content is presented in a variety of media forms and fun activities that retain attention. We believe that rewarding children for their efforts encourages them to work harder and with more focus, whilst the content aims to prepare them for their professional careers.

Our Goals

What we stand for:

Subtle Learning

To create a lifestyle blog that speaks to the youth on their level, filled with beneficial and entertaining content. The UR-Eekah lifestyle blog / UR-Blog has adopted the idea of “subtle learning”. Much like adults reading their favourite lifestyle blog or magazine, we aim to create a platform for leisurely reading.


Creativity & Free Thinking

To encourage creativity and free thinking! Expressing yourself is a powerful tool. It releases stress, providing a sense of self and motivates one with the courage to achieve. UR-Eekah encourages members to participate in our various art initiatives.

We have weekly short story writing competitions, a visual arts section and performance arts. UR-Eekah shares the leading submissions on our blog, however no member will walk away empty-handed. Every submission by a member will be awarded reward points for their efforts.

Entrepreneurial Skills

To develop entrepreneurial skills from a young age. So many South Africans’ entrepreneurial spirit came to life in 2020, whether they knew they had it or not. This pandemic birthed another one of UR- Eekah’s primary goals: to teach kids the importance of budgeting, having multiple income streams and providing the tools to become successful entrepreneurs and forge a future with limitless possibilities.


Give Children a Voice

No reviews are to be written by adults, only by our young members. UR-Eekah publishes reviews on restaurants, shops, toys, clothing brands, movies and music weekly. We aim to create a database of all things tween written by the people who get it most – other tweens.

In addition to reviews, we urge members to tell us what they would like to learn more about, and share their inspiring real-life stories about how they are saving and changing the world.

Be Mindful and Conscientious

If we can teach children only one thing, it would be this. Being aware and conscientious involves being kind and tolerant towards people, the environment and themselves. Our lifestyle blog teaches children about sustainability and self-care (physical and emotional).

Emotional Self Care

Our learning platform offers lessons on challenging topics that we, as adults, often try avoiding – the possible trauma relating to puberty, insecurities, alcoholism, drug abuse, bullying, loneliness and mental and physical disorders. Life is tough and often unfair, we aim to teach children that kindness and empathy towards their community, the planet and themselves can genuinely change the world.



How we do it:

Learning Platform

Don’t fret! Our content is as cool as can be! We focus on broadening general knowledge in the least boring way ever!


Short Courses

From HTML coding to jewellery making –  whatever tickles your fancy! Contact us for information if you’d like to host one! Coming soon!


Lifestyle Blog

Yes, a lifestyle blog covering the latest in technology, art, self-care and other cool tips and trends. You’ll always be in the know, with the latest and greatest!


Rewards Programme

Look at it this way – it’s like getting a job, but you’re your own boss! Whatever you put in, you get out. Cool, right?



Here you get to show off how much you’ve learnt! Did we mention? Each correct answer earns you an Eekah! Our very own currency!


For kids, by kids

Adults just don’t get it! We only feature product, venue and entertainment reviews produced by our members aka UR-Eekahians!


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All Kids Welcome!