6 Facts About Entrepreneurs You May Not Know

UR-Eekah believes in teaching our youth always to follow their dreams and never give up. Empowerment, after all, is vital in shaping children’s belief systems. So here’s a list of fun facts you may or may not know about the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.


The great Colonel Sanders, the iconic founder around the globe of the fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), started pursuing his fried chicken dream only after reaching the ripe old age of 65. Not only that, Sanders was rejected 1,009 times before his recipe was eventually accepted by a restaurant willing to franchise. We love persistence!


Warren Buffett has bulldozed his way through various hardships and many setbacks on his journey to becoming a highly influential entrepreneur. Perhaps most impressive is that he still resides in the same house he purchased over 50 years ago. His home has no security; he drives with no bodyguards and doesn’t even own a cell phone.

Think it’s not worth it to pick up a coin you’ve dropped on the floor? Get this; if Bill Gates drops a thousand-dollar bill, it’s not even financially worth it for him to pick it up. Why, you ask? Because he’s already made that much money in the four seconds, it would take him to bend over. If that’s not insane, we don’t know what is!

Before founding his automotive company – Honda, Soichiro Honda actually applied for an engineer position at now rival company, Toyota Motor Corporation. He was out of work for a very long time before starting his own business.

You may not think of her as a true entrepreneur, but with movie deals, millions of books sold, licensing agreements, and dozens of other revenue streams piling in, we consider Rowling up there with the best. Marketing executives asked Joanne Rowling to use her initials instead of her first name when publishing her first Harry Potter book. This so she could appeal to boy readers. She doesn’t have a middle name, so she chose the “K” from her grandmother, Kathleen.

Branson, known as one of the most prominent businessmen and philanthropists globally, hardly needs any introduction. After all, everyone knows of his Virgin chain. But did you know that when he was young, his Mom became worried over his lack of childhood curiosity? She drove him to the countryside and left him to find his own way home. This sparked the adventurous spirit that he is so famous for today. Branson also has dyslexia but has never allowed it to stop him from striving for success, even when he ran and sold his own student magazine.


The above group of inspiring entrepreneurs are a testament to the final fact that persistence and patience are personality traits for success.

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