Secrets to Success!





Never follow the trend; only set them!


It’s always easier to just copy someone else whose been successful at something. You think: “well, it worked for them, so why wouldn’t it work for me?” You can get the same results, surely? And more often than not, you’ll see evidence of carbon copies of these entrepreneurs all over the internet. But wise entrepreneurs don’t want to be a copy of other successful people. They want to stand out from the crowd and be recognised for their own ideas and accomplishments. They are constantly striving for new and original ways to reach potential customers. They model success, but they never copy it! They research winning formulas that have proven to work and then add their own unique stamp to them. In a world of the same, consumers are looking for the ones who stand out!

No one is going to give you permission!


 When it comes to going after what you want in life, people are too quick to stand back and wait for someone to tell them it’s okay to follow their dreams. We wait for validation that the ideas or goals we have are valuable and worthwhile. We even wait for the next trending influencer to tell us it’s okay to buy those pair of new Nikes. We follow the same pattern of validity when it comes to business. We wait for the stars to align magically and for all the circumstances to fall into place effortlessly. By waiting for permission, your business will never truly grow. Successful entrepreneurs realise that no one will ever give them permission. If their business is going to do well, they are the only ones who can do anything about it. Action is all that is required.

Learn to say No!


We are natural people pleasers, let’s be honest. We like to say ‘yes’ to just about any request, especially if we think it could possibly help our business. We even end up working for free or worse, wasting our time on endeavours that bring no real benefit to our business.

By doing things for free, people don’t respect what they get given. When money is spent, however, they have some skin the game and take action required. Clever entrepreneurs are always more likely to say ‘no’ than ‘yes’. Thus allowing room for things that care about and will enhance their own business. How to avoid saying ‘yes’ to everything? Evaluate how it will fit into your business plan and, more importantly, your ilife. Time is the one thing we can never get, back so you should always spend it wisely.

The name of the game is innovation!


 Always ensure your business wins at the innovation game. Be sure to come up with fresh ideas, create brand new products, services or new ways of doing things. Not just for the sake of coming up with something ‘new’ but also to stay one step ahead of your customers’ potential needs.

Know when to hit pause!


 Know when to pause and rethink your idea or position on a particular subject. Your idea of what’s right may sometimes be wrong. Always be open-minded to other people’s ideas and possible suggestions. Remember, your business is not about you. It’s all about delivering a great product to the consumer. Ensuring you do what is needed to ensure your customers turn into repeat customers. Be ready to embrace fresh ideas, even if they aren’t quite in line with your own.



 Our final secret comes from our very own budding entrepreneur here at UR-Eekah:
Believe in UR-Self! It’s that simple! If you think you can, you can!

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