World Photo Day: Today marks a special day in our UR-Eekah calendar! World photograph day!


While photography is a relatively modern invention, the human desire to capture moments and memories and share them with our friends and families is as old as the history of humankind. So we did some digging and discovered that one of the earliest attempts to record life’s events was something called the camera obscura. It was a device with a hole in it, through which light could pass and create an inverted image of the scene outside. Artists would then sketch or trace the image to keep it forever. The use of camera obscura dates back to…wait for it… 400 BCE China. That’s a seriously long time ago, UR-Eekahians!


The first World Photography Day was held on August 19 in 2010. It was so cool because almost 270 photographers shared their pictures in a global online gallery for the world to see. People from over 100 countries clicked on the site to view the incredible gallery of photos. It was this fantastic event that sparked world photography day. Whooop! Aren’t we glad it happened? The day is held August 19, as it’s the date that the government in France purchased the patent for the Daguerreotype process in 1889. Don’t worry, we’ll explain now…


Photography, as we know it today, can be traced back to 1839.  A super long time ago, hey? It was at this time that the French Academy of Sciences announced the life-changing Daguerreotype process. The French government called the invention a free gift to the world. This process is what made it possible to create highly detailed images on a sheet made of copper. The sheet was coated with a thin layer of silver and didn’t need any negatives like the previous. It went down in history as being the first permanent way to capture an image with a camera.

World Photo Day

The process made it possible to create highly detailed images on a sheet of copper. The sheet was coated with a thin coat of silver, and the process did not require a negative. That’s the way we like it!


Did you know?


The First Photo of a Person Was Accidental?


In 1828, Louis Daguerre took the first photo that captured a human being. His intention was actually to snap a picture of the Boulevard du Temple in Paris. But a man was standing in the street getting his shoes polished (as one does). So naturally, since the exposure lasted for an entire seven minutes, the man also got captured in the process.


It took another 40 years for the Daguerreotype process to be refined. Finally, George Eastman from Rochester, NY, decided to replace the copper plate with a nifty dry gel on paper he called film. This innovative idea changed photography forever. Because now photographers didn’t need to expose themselves to toxic chemicals or carry around heavy copper plates. What a mission that must have been! Bit of a genius Mr Eastman was! Good ol’ George didn’t even stop there! In 1888, he developed the Kodak camera. Sound familiar? This blew the photography world wide open, as we know it because now anyone could take a photo. Even your Granny Thelma! Haha!


Fast forward to today’s world, where digital photography has exploded with the latest in digital photography. Meaning most people no longer use film on camera or even know what it is. Let’s take it a step further. Most of us use our phones to take pictures these days, don’t we? However, there are still old school photographers out there who prefer film. Some of the reasons they prefer film are:


  • Fewer copyright issues
  • No electricity required
  • Higher resolution (sharper images)
  • Easier to lose a digital photo than one on film


Do you know how many photographs are taken daily? 


Spoiler alert! We haven’t been able to track down the number of photos taken a day. But, estimates suggest that more than 1 trillion photos are taken in a year. On average, 95 million images are uploaded daily on Instagram. In addition, over 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. Goodness!



So now you’re up to speed with the day’s history, we move onto the next question, how do we celebrate world photo day? Easy peasy! We thought you’d never ask! The best way is to share your favourite photos with your friends and us. You can even go a step further and submit your pictures to


Happy snapping UR-Eeekahians!