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Do you like UR-Blog, UR-Reviews and Flash Fiction stories? We do too! If you’d like to read more content on all sorts of cool topics, just click on the sign-up button and chat to your parent or guardian to unlock more content! Yippeee!

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When someone becomes a member, they unlock the Discovery Blog and loads of awesome quizzes. You also get to earn these funky rewards points we call Eekahs. You can spend them in our very own e-store. How cool is that?

It doesn’t stop there though, you can also have your say on the content we publish. Submit reviews and art, tell us if you loved an article or ask us to write an article especially for you on ANY topic. The power lies with you!

We know, we’re kinda cool like that!

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Earn valuable points and convert them into Eekahs – a currency exclusive to our members!

When someone becomes a member, they open the door to a micro-economy where learning, reading, creating, and writing earn them valuable Eekahs – our very own currency! Super cool, right?

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How do you earn Eekahs?
We thought you’d never ask!

Loads of articles on UR-Blog and the Discovery Blog have an exciting feature exclusive to members – a quiz, crossword puzzle, or comprehension exercise pertaining to the content of the article. Not only will this ensure our readers understand what they are reading and broaden vocabulary, but each right answer will also earn them an Eekah.

The more you learn the more points you accumulate. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can spend it on downloadable vouchers from our Eekah partners or discounts in our shop. You can also earn rewards points by participating in weekly writing competitions, book reviews and other fun activities.

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