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Ice Bombs

Latest Reviews

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Ice Bombs


Movies & Series

Went to the cinema or watched something really cool on TV? Tell us what you thought!


There are soooo many apps out there. Have you found the best ones for entertainment or helping with school work?

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Isn’t reading the best? Help your friends find their next must-read. (UR-Blog doesn’t count!)

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Was it too delicious or really gross? Unleash the food critic in you!


Tell us about your favourite artist, album, song or even your favourite instrument!


Gadget shops, stationery shops or even clothing stores. Who should we give a skip?


Are you obsessed with a new game or have a few tips to share? This is the platform for you!

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This is everything! From your fav plushy to your BEST shoes! Remember to tell us where you got it!


Yay or nay? You could seriously help someone avoid a pretty lame birthday party.

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